Guide to Opening and Utilizing the Encyclopedia in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord

- January 10, 2023
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There are numerous elements in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord that contribute to the game's rich and immersive gameplay experience. However, with so much information to process, players may struggle to keep track of everything and effectively navigate the game. The developers have included an in-game encyclopedia to help alleviate this issue. This resource may be beneficial to players who wish to learn more about the game's world and characters.

The encyclopedia is a simple tool available from the main menu. Players can begin the game by selecting from a variety of categories such as factions, lords, kingdoms, and more. As the player progresses through the game, the encyclopedia is constantly updated, providing more information and insights as they discover new elements.

One of the encyclopedia's most useful features is its ability to help players locate NPCs throughout the game world. This is especially useful when trying to find specific people for quest-related objectives or recruiting them to the player's cause. The encyclopedia displays an NPC's map location, current status, and any relevant information that may be useful when interacting with them. The encyclopedia also contains extensive information on the game's various factions, lords, and kingdoms. This can assist players in comprehending the political landscape and the relationships between various groups. Using this feature can improve a player's understanding and enjoyment of the game significantly.

Using the encyclopedia's ability to help you find NPCs all over the world can help you improve your immersion in the game. The ability to see an NPC's map location, current status, and any relevant information that may be useful in interacting with them will benefit players. The encyclopedia contains detailed information on the game's various factions, lords, and kingdoms, which can assist players in making sound decisions such as choosing allies and enemies all while immersing themselves completely.

Opening the Encyclopedia in Bannerlord: Step-by-Step Instructions

In Bannerlord, the Encyclopedia is a valuable resource for players seeking information about the game's various elements such as factions, troops, regions, quests, and more. It gives players a thorough understanding of the game's complex and richly detailed world.

Players can open the Encyclopedia by pressing the "N" key, which is the default keybinding, or by opening the Party menu (P) and right-clicking any troop portrait. Additionally, when visiting a town, players can open the Encyclopedia by left-clicking any highlighted text and left-clicking any "Heroes" name when conversing with them. Players can quickly navigate to the relevant page within the Encyclopedia by using the highlighted text feature.

The ability to access detailed information about the various towns in the game is one of the advantages of using the Encyclopedia. By clicking on a town's name, players are taken to its page, where they can learn about the town's ruler clan, population, economic status, and other details. The Encyclopedia also provides information about the various troops in the game. By right-clicking on any troops in their party, players can view the corresponding unit's troop tree, which provides insight into the possible upgrades for that unit as well as the troop's statistics.

Once inside the Encyclopedia, players can easily navigate to any other section, allowing them to explore the various elements of the game and gather the information that will help them during their gameplay experience. The Encyclopedia is a valuable resource for players who want to understand the game's many elements and make better decisions in-game.

Using the Encyclopedia to Find NPCs in Bannerlord: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Bannerlord Encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference guide to the game's many characters and locations. This powerful tool provides players with access to a wealth of information about the NPCs they meet, such as their kingdom, clan, and family affiliations, as well as their last known location.

To locate an NPC using the Encyclopedia, players must first open the Encyclopedia menu by pressing the designated button or key. Once the menu is open, players can use the top-right search bar to find the desired NPC by name. Once on the NPC's page, players can look at the "Last seen at 'X location', 'x' days ago" field to find the NPC's last known location.

The Encyclopedia can be used to find settlements in addition to NPCs. By going to the NPC's page, players can choose the settlement where the NPC was last seen and be taken to that settlement's page. On the settlement page, players can add the settlement to the game's map by clicking the "Track" button above the image. By zooming out and following the trail of the tracked settlement, players can quickly locate the settlement on the map screen.

Overall, the Bannerlord Encyclopedia is a valuable tool for players who want to gain a deeper understanding of the game's many characters and locations, making it easier to find NPC, track settlements, and enjoy the game more.
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