Bannerlord Error Fix: Couldn't verify some or all of the code included in this module

- January 06, 2023
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Many people are experiencing problems with their mods after updating Mount And Blade Bannerlord. The game itself is operational and can be safely loaded, only the affected mods are not loaded in-game They discover that the mods in their launcher have been marked with a red exclamation point and the error message shown below.

"Couldn't verify some or all of the code included in this module."TaleWorlds is not responsible for consequences arising from running unverified/unofficial code."

What is Causing the Couldn't Verify Code Error 

There are several possible explanations for this error.

  1. The mod files could be corrupted or missing. This can happen if the mod files were not properly downloaded or if they were modified or damaged in some way.
  2. The mod may be incompatible with the game version you are using. If the mod was made for an earlier version of the game, it may not work with the current one. 
  3. There could be clashes between the mod and other mods you've installed. It is possible that if you use multiple mods at the same time, they will be incompatible.
  4. There could be a problem with your game installation. It may occur if the game files are corrupted or if the game is not properly installed.

Bannerlord Couldn't Verify Code Error Fix

You may find yourself situation like mine where you still continue to see the error even after following the first 4 steps below including updating and reinstalling them and verifying the game files. The good news is I managed to resolve the issue with step 5 but I only suggest that if all else fails. But you may not like what you have to do and I totally get that. 

If you are experiencing this problem, you might want to try the following:

  1. Reinstall the mod and ensure that all of the files are present and not corrupted.
  2. Check to see if a newer version of the mod is compatible with the current version of the game that is available.
  3. To see if other mods you have installed are causing a conflict, disable or uninstall them.
  4. Check the game files to ensure they are complete and uncorrupted.
  5. Revert back to an old version of Bannerlord. (Try all other steps first)

How to revert back to an old version of Bannerlord

Since it appears recent updates have rendered the mods incompatible. There is really only one thing left to do. You must revert Bannerlord to a previous version that is mod-compatible by following these steps:

  1. Locate Bannerlord in the Steam Library.
  2. Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click on the game.
  3. Select the Betas tab.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select the version of the game that is compatible with your mods.

Please keep in mind that you must determine which version of the game is required for your mods.

Typically, this information is included in the mod description. 

You should be able to resolve the issue by following these steps. I sincerely hope this helps and allows you to continue to enjoy using mods in Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. Please remember to always use mods from reputable sources and use caution when using unofficial content. Now back to conquering your enemies! 

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