Step-by-Step Guide for Freeing a Lord from Prison in Bannerlord

- January 09, 2023
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Mount and Blade: Bannerlord is an immersive kingdom sandbox game set in the realm of Calradia with a variety of activities and a diverse cast of characters. Wars and battles between factions are possible, and players and AI lords can be captured and imprisoned in a dungeon. This guide will teach you how to successfully rescue lords from these dungeons, which can help you improve your relationships and develop your charm and roguery skills.

Searching for an Imprisoned Lord

It is necessary to first locate a lord in order to rescue him from prison. Lords can be found in dungeons scattered throughout the map. When a lord is defeated in battle, the victorious party may take him as a prisoner. When they arrive in a town, the captured lord will most likely be imprisoned in the local dungeon.

Approach the town and hover over it to view its details to see which lords are being held in which dungeon. To see specific troops and lords present, press and hold the ALT key while hovering, as well as any notable individuals listed in the Prisoners section.

To enter the town's keep and gain access to the dungeon, choose "Go to the keep" from the town menu. Bribery may be required to gain entry. Select "Go to dungeon" from the keep to see a list of all lords currently imprisoned in the dungeon.

Launching a Prison Escape Quest

In Bannerlord, go to the keep menu and select "Prison" to rescue a prisoner from a fief. The top right tab displays a list of all prisoners. Select "Start Prison Break" and then select a prisoner from the list. If you choose to begin the rescue attempt, you will be transported to the prison. By pressing the F key, you can instruct the prisoner to stay or follow you.

They will automatically follow you and attack guards, but if they are defeated during the rescue attempt, they will be permanently killed (unless they are defeated by a blunt attack). To successfully complete the quest, you must defeat the guards and reach the exit door. Keep in mind that only prisoners from towns, not castles, can be rescued.

When you find a town with prisoners, you can start a prison escape quest from the town's dungeon menu. Select "Stage a Prison Break" from the dungeon screen.

You will then have the option of rescuing one of the prisoners. Keep in mind that only one prisoner can be rescued at a time, and a bribe will be required to secure the prisoner's release. The bribe amount will be determined by the status of the person being rescued.

The quest will begin once you have selected the prisoner and paid the required bribe, and you will be transported to the dungeon to begin the escape attempt.

Instructions for a Lord's Rescue from Prison

Before embarking on the prison escape quest in Bannerlord, there are a few things to consider. To begin, you must equip yourself with appropriate civilian gear, which can be found in the inventory menu. To increase your chances of success, choose the best armor and weapons available, such as throwing knives and a powerful melee weapon.

Second, keep in mind that if you or the prisoner are defeated, the quest will fail. To avoid this, instruct the prisoner to wait at the start of the quest while you dispatch the guards, or have them follow you but be ready to protect them if necessary.

You must fight your way through the guards to reach the prisoner and free them. The guards will be drawn at random from the garrison, so save and reload the game until you are confronted with a more manageable group.

After successfully navigating the prison, interact with the top-level doors to exit and complete the quest. You and the rescued lord will be set free, and you will gain significant roguery and charm experience, as well as a significant boost to your relations with the rescued lord and possibly other lords or factions in the game.

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