Guide: How To Start Custom Kingdom in Bannerlord

- January 12, 2023
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Mount and Blade: Bannerlord brings players to a medieval sandbox environment of feuding kingdoms. Players may join an existing organization or build their own empire as a commander battling in intense battles to take castles and expand their country.

The game provides a high amount of player choice and freedom, letting players follow their dreams of establishing a kingdom through brutal force, political intrigue, and careful money management. The game's most recent update introduced new phases to the process of constructing a kingdom, making it more difficult and fascinating for players. This tutorial is intended to aid gamers in navigating these additional phases and ultimately constructing their own kingdom in Sandbox mode.

This tutorial will provide you with the necessary information and instructions to form your custom kingdom in Bannerlord, whether you are a seasoned veteran of the Mount and Blade series or a beginner to the game. You will be able to lead your troops to conquer castles, expand your borders, and ultimately become the ruler of your own unique kingdom with the help of your companions.

Independent Kingdoms in Bannerlord Explained

In Bannerlord, creating a kingdom requires players to achieve certain conditions and follow a set of actions. The most significant prerequisite is that the player's clan tier be at least 4. This implies that players must have advanced through the game and accumulated sufficient power and influence to construct a new kingdom. While it is possible to conquer a town before reaching this stage, appropriate government and naming of regions would be impossible.

Once the conditions have been satisfied, players can begin the kingdom construction process by conversing with the proper NPC in the game. They will then be able to name the realm, choose four initial policies, and receive access to the army mechanics, which allow groups to band together and assault cities and castles.

We will be focusing on constructing a kingdom in the sandbox version of the game. In contrast, the single-player version has a quest-line that eventually leads to the user founding their own country, which is rather simple. However, the sandbox mode provides greater freedom and flexibility, but the process of constructing a kingdom is slightly more complicated. 

The crucial takeaway here is that in order to construct your own kingdom in Bannerlord, players must first achieve Clan level 4, own a fief, and have at least one companion. Once these conditions have been completed, players can talk with the proper NPC and proceed with the processes detailed in this guide to create their own kingdom.

Getting A Fief And Making It To Clan Level 4 

Establishing your own kingdom begins with acquiring a fief and attaining Clan level 4. This might be difficult, especially if you are on your own, but there are various options.

One strategy is to gather a large force and assault weakly fortified castles and cities. This may be accomplished by recruiting troops from pubs and training them to become stronger. You will be able to take on harder opponents and finally conquer a castle or town as you collect more men and resources.

Another approach is to wait till another clan has recently taken over a castle before moving in and claiming it for yourself. This can be accomplished by waiting for a clan to be weakened by a conflict or siege, then seizing the chance to seize their area.

Joining an established kingdom and then leaving once you are given a castle or town for your services is a common way to obtain your first fief. This may be accomplished by joining a kingdom at war and engaging in battles and sieges to acquire the king's favor. Once you have a castle or town, you can leave the kingdom and claim the region as your own.

It's worth mentioning that this strategy may make members of that faction detest you, but it's the quickest way to gain a castle or town in Bannerlord. Furthermore, once you have your own fief, you may begin constructing your own army and resources, which will be required to establish your own empire.

How To Create A Kingdom

You may now construct your own kingdom in Bannerlord after obtaining a fief and reaching Clan level 4. You must first travel to your owned fief in order to begin this process. Once there, choose "Manage Town" (if it's a town fief) or "Manage Castle" (if it is a castle fief).

On the management screen, look for a box named "Governor" in the upper right corner. When you check this box, you will be asked to choose one of your friends or two random NPCs to be the governor of the town or castle. The chosen governor will be in charge of monitoring the day-to-day activities of the town or castle, such as tax collection and military recruitment. They will also represent the town or castle in matters of diplomacy with foreign kingdoms. Unless you replace the selected governor with another NPC, the chosen governor will remain in that role and will be unable to engage in combat with your group.

You can then go to the conversation about founding a kingdom with an NPC as the governor. This will entail naming the realm and deciding on four initial policies to rule the new kingdom. These policies will have an impact on many parts of the kingdom, including taxes and military recruiting. It is critical to select policies that are in line with your kingdom's aims and vision.

You will also be able to appoint vassals, who are other lords that pledge loyalty to your country and assist you in ruling it. Once you have accomplished all of these stages, your kingdom will be legally created, and you will be free to begin extending your territory and growing your authority.

Best Ways To Create A Kingdom 

Establishing your own kingdom may be a challenging and time-consuming undertaking. To be a successful ruler, players must be skilled in a variety of areas and have a strong enough army to safeguard their newly established country.

In Bannerlord, there are two options for establishing a kingdom:

  1. Betraying your group by acting as a vassal
  2. Conquering a town or fortress as an independent clan

Method 1: Vassal Betrayal

In Bannerlord, the Vassal Betrayal tactic is becoming a vassal of a faction with the purpose of eventually betraying them. The player begins as the civilization of the target stronghold, joins a kingdom at war with that civilization, and grows their holding into a powerful, well-defended, and affluent bastion after attaining Clan level 2. This is accomplished through investing in the growth of the town and constructing structures that serve the community, such as granaries, pubs, and marketplaces. In addition, the player must raise and train a powerful army to protect their position.

After reaching Clan level 4, the player should leave the kingdom while keeping all properties. This will spark an immediate clash with their previous allies, who will regard it as a betrayal. Players can, however, negotiate a peace treaty by paying over a huge quantity of money, often between 100,000 and 200,000 denarii.

Following the signing of the peace treaty, the player can return to their town, meet with the governor, and form their own kingdom. This will allow the player to run their own kingdom and extend it through future conquests and alliances. However, take in mind that this method is hazardous and may result in the player becoming an enemy of the kingdom they betrayed.

Method 2: Great Conqueror

The "Great Conqueror" strategy is identical to the Vassal Betrayal tactic, except that the player is in their own clan and must struggle for their own village. This technique is more difficult, but players can succeed with a well-planned strategy.

To begin, players should decide on a conquering target and build cordial connections with the castle and adjacent villages. This may be accomplished by trade, giving missions, and forming alliances. Players should then move to the map's outskirts to avoid being assaulted from all sides.

Players should attempt to build a fortune by growing the village and economy, as well as making peace with their opponents. They should also strive to build the greatest force feasible by recruiting, training, and improving troops' equipment.

After capturing a town or stronghold, players must keep the peace and build the community. This involves investing in the village's growth and constructing structures that assist the community, such as granaries, pubs, and marketplaces. In addition, the player must raise and train a powerful army to protect their position.

They can then construct their empire, complete with their own castle and hamlet, and ultimately capture Calradia as a whole. This will allow the player to run their own kingdom and extend it through future conquests and alliances. However, keep in mind that this technique is hazardous and may result in the player becoming an enemy of the other kingdoms in the game.
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