Smithing Guide for Bannerlord: Making Money Quick

- January 17, 2023
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Greetings! Are you up for the challenge of being a money-making boss in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord? Because, believe me, having a large war chest is critical to building and sustaining your army of deadly fighters. It's easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to recruiting new troops, promoting them, feeding them, and paying their daily salary. But don't worry, my friends; with the help of this tutorial, you'll be raking in the cash and arming your forces in no time.

Specifically, we will be focusing on how to make money smithing with this guide. You'll discover the best way I have found to get quick money smithing in this game. If smithing is not your thing you may rest assured that there are various viable strategies for earning Denari and sustaining a constant income. But our focus today is a great way to get your empire established. 

Gathering Resources For Smithing

In the Bannerlord game, gathering materials for smithing includes a variety of techniques, including farming, trade, looting, and hunting. Players can explore the wilderness to hunt for animals or invade enemy towns to scavenge supplies. Additionally, players may engage with shopkeepers in villages and cities to exchange items or buy resources. To create resources and materials, players can even start their own farms or workshops.

It is vital to keep in mind that certain resources could be trickier to get than others, and they might need to be obtained via a variety of techniques. For instance, certain rare resources may only be acquired by hunting particular species or by searching specified areas. In addition, different resources could be used in different ways, thus it's critical for players to understand which resources are needed for the particular objects they want to manufacture.

In Bannerlord, gathering materials for smithing is a complex process that calls for players to employ a variety of techniques, including hunting, looting, trade, and farming. Players must also plan and plot to obtain the precise resources they need to achieve their desired results.

But you will learn the specific path I have found to be the best in order to quickly make money smithing by following this guide. 

Get Companions Fast 

The first stage of the path is increasing your smithing earnings in Bannerlord by gathering as many companions as your clan level allows. The maximum number of companions you can have in your clan grows as your clan level improves. To find these partners, look for them at pubs scattered around the game's villages and cities. It's worth noting that not all friends are made equal; some are better at smithing than others, so it's worth spending the time to identify the ones with the best smithing talents. You should also look for partners with high stamina levels because they can labor for extended periods of time without needing to rest.

Acquiring additional buddies allows you to forge and smelt more weapons in a quicker length of time, boosting your earnings. Remember that not only is the number of friends important but also a must for talents and stamina levels. It's a good idea to instruct your buddies in smithing so that they can become better smiths over time. Furthermore, you should ensure that your companions are well-equipped since this will have an impact on their performance.

To find companions, go to taverns and talk with the innkeeper, who will provide you with a list of suitable friends for hire. You may also go to other lords and invite them to join your clan, or go to the marketplace to buy or sell companions.

Collect As Much Low-cost Hardwood As Feasible

Obtaining a large amount of hardwood is the next stage towards gaining money through smithing in Bannerlord. Hardwood is used in the production of weapons for sale, as well as in the production of coal. It is vital to remember that coal is required for the production of every weapon, thus a substantial amount of hardwood is required to maintain a consistent supply of coal.

To obtain hardwood, it is best to go to towns where there is a lot of hardwood for sale. This information may be found by looking at the symbol next to the village name on the globe map. When you find a settlement with an abundance of hardwood, approach it and engage in trade to obtain it. 

You may also obtain hardwood by chopping down trees using a character that possesses a high level of lumberjacking ability. Trees may be found in the forest, which is another source of hardwood. However, it is crucial to note that chopping down too many trees in one place might lead to forest depletion, which can have a detrimental influence on the economics of the adjacent hamlet. As a result, striking a balance between collecting hardwood and maintaining the ecosystem is critical.

Another approach to obtaining hardwood is to buy it from other market participants. However, the costs might be considerable, so it's wise to shop to discover the greatest bargains. Furthermore, you may buy hardwood from caravans that pass by.

If you have enough resources and a high clan level, you can build a sawmill in your village to create hardwood. This is a good long-term investment, but it takes a significant amount of resources and clan level to construct and maintain.

Gathering hardwood is an important stage in gaining money through smithing in  Bannerlord, and it may be accomplished by visiting towns, chopping down trees, acquiring from other players, or constructing a sawmill. It is critical to choose the most effective method of acquiring hardwood that works for you.

Battle And Defeat Enemies For Their Weapons

It is advised to take on the mission of identifying and neutralizing bandits in order to obtain a sufficient supply of weaponry. The precise type of bandit encountered is unimportant as long as the goal of gathering weapons is met. This not only guarantees that you are well-armed for any potential obstacles, but it also allows you to obtain a broad assortment of weaponry that may prove beneficial in various scenarios.

It is best to save all weapons gained, since even seemingly trivial materials like sticks and hammers may be used to create valuable products through smelting. These things may be utilized to make new weapons, armor, and even tools. This not only allows for the acquisition of valuable things, but it also allows for the effective use of resources by reusing materials that would otherwise be thrown. It is critical to remember that resources are limited and should be used as efficiently as possible.

Time To Start Smithing

It is advised to travel to a forge with a sizable quantity of wood and weapons. This will make it possible to use resources more effectively by turning the materials that were collected into useful products. As long as the smithy is situated within a sizable town, which can be recognized by its huge names on the map, especially when viewing the map in a zoomed-out condition, the exact location of the smithy is irrelevant. A smithy is probably present in these places since they are frequently centers of trade and commerce and have a variety of amenities.

Once the appropriate town has been found, it is advised to have the party choose "Enter Smithy" when they arrive. This will open up access to the forge, where the resources obtained may be utilized to create new tools, armor, and weapons. It is crucial to keep in mind that the accessibility of specific materials or weapons may vary depending on the location, therefore it could be advantageous to stop by many forges to have access to a larger variety of commodities.

Utilize Your Companions

The restricted stamina of the character doing the work is one of the restrictions on the process of smithing in Bannerlord. Due to the character's smithing skill and associated perks, this may limit the number of weapons that may be created at one time. Using numerous characters from the smithing menu might be a way to get around this restriction. The player can swap between characters by selecting the character portrait in the lower left corner of the screen to execute this tactic.

One can dramatically boost the number of weapons manufactured and therefore produce a big amount of cash by leveraging the forging abilities and stamina of many friends. Each companion has a special smithing talent and amount of energy that may be used before needing to rest. One may efficiently create several weapons each time they visit the smithy, possibly producing hundreds of thousands of denars each day, by choosing partners from those who are already traveling within the party. 

The player's wealth rises as a result, and they may also maintain a consistent supply of weaponry for personal use or commerce. Focusing on raising the smithing ability of the friends you'll be using for smithing is also an excellent idea because it will improve their efficiency and enable them to create more and better weapons.

Construct Swords At The Smithy

Starting the construction of a sizable number of two-handed swords is advised given the abundance of resources available. Two-handed swords may be very lucrative early on owing to their strong demand among players as well as the fact that they need less precious resources than other weapons like spears or javelins. It is advised to set the blade slider to its maximum length in order to obtain the biggest swing damage feasible.

It is advised to create two-handed swords with the maximum feasible swing damage in order to increase revenue. The majority of the time, players and traders place a high value on these weapons. It is advised to mass-produce these things if the option to make a blade that is very thick becomes available since, despite the low cost of the materials used in their production, they may be sold for a substantial profit. Additionally, creating high-quality weapons will increase their attraction to gamers and increase their likelihood of being purchased.

For instance, a two-handed sword made from three units of steel and three units of wrought iron may be sold for more than 10,000 dinars, yielding a sizable profit. This demonstrates the potential financial success that may be attained through smithing, particularly when creating large quantities of high-quality weapons. The cost of weapons might change based on supply and demand, so it's crucial to monitor the market and make adjustments as necessary.

Make Charcoal And Weapons

We are allowed to start working now that we have arrived at the smithy. Setting the conversion of hardwood into charcoal as a priority should be one of the initial phases in the procedure. This is because having enough charcoal on hand will improve process efficiency because charcoal is a necessary ingredient in many smelting and making procedures. By choosing the "refine" tab at the top of the page, where you can find the option to convert hardwood into charcoal, you may complete the conversion process. Depending on the resources you have, you may also use this method on various kinds of metal.

Smelting is a crucial phase in the procedure. Select the "smelt" option at the top of the screen after you have a sufficient supply of charcoal. Here, acquired weapons can be disassembled to get manufacture fewer raw materials. To gain a big quantity of hardwood and other resources, it is suggested to smelt down all acquired weapons. This will not only provide you with the essential raw materials for manufacturing, but it will also allow you to carry fewer weapons around, freeing up room in your inventory. Additionally, smelting weapons you've gotten via raiding or combat may provide you priceless resources like iron, steel, and bronze that you can use to create new weapons, armor, or equipment.

Sell Your Smithy Merchandise  

It is advised to look for business chances given the purchase of a sizable number of made weapons. Any big town may be used for trading, but keep in mind that each one will only have a certain amount of money accessible for the transaction. The ideal places to go are those with a reputation for having wealthy merchants or a strong demand for firearms because not all towns are equally wealthy. One can think about exchanging manufactured weapons for expensive goods like armor or horses if the town's cash runs out. These commodities are frequently in high demand and may be sold to other towns or to other players for a profit.

It is advised to move from town to town until all the things have been sold in order to maximize financial advantage. Additionally, if a town runs out of money, one can think about buying more unfinished materials for manufacturing or weapons to smelt down and sell again after greater profit. Additionally, it's a good idea to monitor the market and modify your product prices as necessary. This is crucial while conducting business in cities where there is a lot of competition. With this strategy, you may earn a consistent income and get the respect of other businesspeople.

Build Your Empire

It's very natural for your character and their companions to lose some smithing stamina when crafting. But don't worry, you may stop and rest in every town to regain your stamina. Remember that it will take around a day to completely recharge. And you can do it all in the same town where you're smithing and trading. This way, you may continue creating uninterrupted.

And by maintaining a consistent routine of smithing and resting, you'll be able to amass a sizable fortune. You may use that money to acquire land, new friends (companions), a bigger and badder army, or even a castle in the realm of Calradia! And by saving and investing your denars correctly, you may continue to increase your wealth and power in the game. Simply keep a watch on the in-game economy, since the pricing of commodities and resources might fluctuate.

Denars are the game's money, and you'll need them for almost everything, from gear to troops. So, as a new ruler in Calradia, keep in mind that you may begin with a restricted quantity of denars. Having a substantial quantity of money in the game will make things much simpler for you as you go. That is why it is critical to focus on wealth creation from the start so that you may grow your army and establish your imprint in the land. And who knows, you could find the game too simple after utilizing this strategy, but who cares as long as you're rich, right?
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