Unlock XP Boost in Bannerlord: Donate Weapons and Armor

- January 11, 2023
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Players in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord begins the game with a restricted number of basic soldiers and progress through the game by having their men battle and gain experience. Donating armor and weapons, on the other hand, is an alternate means for troops to obtain experience. This is a viable option for players who have acquired weapons and armor that are no longer valuable to their gameplay, or who have seized them from defeated adversaries but are unable to utilize them with their own troops.

Donating armor and weapons for experience involves the acquisition of particular perks in the game. Before they may give the item, the player must first acquire these bonuses. This article will explain how to earn the essential privileges as well as how to carry out the actual donation process. It will also explain how experience is dispersed among troops based on the equipment supplied and the bonuses obtained.

While giving gear for experience might be a convenient way to get rid of old equipment, it may not be the most effective or lucrative method of leveling up troops. Depending on the benefits obtained and the type of gear given, the experience gained may be insufficient to justify the cost of the equipment, and thus may have an impact on the game's economy. However, it might be a fantastic choice for gamers wishing to recycle equipment they no longer require or for a more immersive means to advance their forces.

Benefits of Donating Weapons and Armor

Bannerlord, players may get two distinct bonuses in order to generate experience for their warriors through the giving of equipment such as armor and weapons. The first perk, Paid in Promise, is found under the Steward skill tree and allows players to contribute armor in exchange for experience. Giving Hands, is the second perk under the Steward skill tree, allowing players to offer weapons in exchange for experience.

Players must gain skill level 100 in Steward to unlock Paid in Promise. To unlock Giving Hands, players must first earn Steward skill level 125. Acquiring these perks lets players to get rid of equipment they no longer need or find helpful, while also gaining experience for their soldiers without putting them in perilous combat.

Once these bonuses are obtained, players can begin contributing armor and weapons in exchange for experience. This can be an efficient way to swiftly transform a weak army into a powerful one. However, while this option can be a wonderful method to recycle gear, weapons, and armors that are no longer usable for the player's gameplay, it may not be the most profitable in terms of the game's economy. Furthermore, bear in mind that this is not the only way to level up soldiers, and other techniques may be more useful or effective depending on the player's gameplay.

Best Way To Exchange Weapons and Armor for Experience

Players in Bannerlord can begin donating stuff to get experience for their soldiers after they have obtained the necessary perks. To contribute weapons and armor, participants must first participate in normal combat. After the combat and treasure have been collected, players will be given the choice to abandon the gear for experience. This option is available on the loot screen, where players may gather their battle treasures.

When examining the loot screen, a notice will show at the bottom of the screen informing the player of the amount of shared experience that the troops will gain if the armor and weapons are discarded. The more experience the troops get, the greater the quality of the booty collected during the combat. For example, beating a small bandit party will yield little experience, yet taking on a massive army and abandoning all weapons and armor will yield a large amount of experience.

It's worth noting that the rewards for donating armor and weapons are not mutually exclusive. That is, you may utilize both of them to give all of your gear, but keep in mind that there may be a cost in terms of both in-game economy and logistics since it is vital to maintain some gear for personal use and for the soldiers. Furthermore, this is not the only option for leveling up soldiers; depending on the player's gameplay, other ways such as upgrading troops through actual battle experience or focusing on the specific troop's qualities or talents may be more advantageous or efficient.

Giving Armor and Weapons Without Engaging in Combat

Players in Bannerlord can contribute armor they have accumulated even if they haven't won a combat. This is accomplished by pressing the I key to enter the inventory screen, and then discarding the armor by moving it from the right side (the inventory) to the left side (the discard pile). As a consequence, the troops will receive experience. Furthermore, players with a big number of denars may use them to buy weapons and armor from towns and donate them to acquire experience for their soldiers. When trying to swiftly level up soldiers or when a player has an excess of weapons or armor that they don't want to maintain, this may be a handy strategy.

It is crucial to note, however, that this manner of providing armor and weaponry is neither the most engaging, nor is it the most profitable in terms of the game's economics. Furthermore, bear in mind that this isn't the only way to level up soldiers; depending on the player's gameplay, other techniques such as upgrading troops through actual battle experience or focusing on the specific troop's qualities or talents may be more advantageous or efficient.

When deciding how to proceed with unit levels, it is critical to consider many elements such as the game economics, strategy, and immersion. It is critical to strike a balance between bringing the soldiers to the required level as rapidly as feasible and ensuring that the players' actions are consistent with their selected playstyle and immersion level.
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